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Create a spacious, modern, and energy-efficient parking space with expert garage contractors near me! Lynn Douglas Construction is a full-service construction company with garage builders that service clients in and around Livingston, CA. Whether you’re planning to enlarge your current garage or build a completely new detached one, we can help! Call us at (209) 617-8310 for detached garage cost estimates and garage builders prices.

We proudly serve clients from:

  • Atwater, CA
  • Chowchilla, CA
  • Livingston, CA
  • Merced, CA
  • Planada, CA
  • Winton, CA

Garage Contractors Near Me

garage contractors near me merced ca

When it comes to home improvement, hiring garage builders is usually at the bottom of the list. Most would focus on landscaping projects, room additions, and buying new furniture. But little do they know that a new garage can benefit them just as much as any other project can. Here are some of the signs that say you need to contact your garage contractors near me:

  • No Parking Space: Your small, old garage might have been fine when all your family needed was one trusty SUV. But now that your spouse and kids have their own cars, it’s time to invest in a new garage. Stop wasting time shuffling your cars back and forth and just call your garage builders!
  • Faulty Doors: Call your garage contractors near me if you notice your doors sagging, creaking, or not locking properly. Never sacrifice you and your family’s safety just because you don’t want to spend a little extra on skilled garage builders.
  • Old Design: Are you still using the same outdated design your garage contractors near me did for you decades ago? Then it’s definitely time for an upgrade! Work with your garage builders to create a modern, efficient design that suits your current needs and lifestyle.

For expert garage contractors near me, reach out to Lynn Douglas Construction! Just call (209) 617-8310 for appointment bookings and consultations in and around Livingston, CA.

Detached Garage Cost

detached garage cost planada ca

Is the detached garage cost worth it? Most homeowners vastly overestimate the cost to have garage builders build a detached garage. While it’s not cheap, it does offer a lot of benefits such as:

  • More Parking Space: Of course, the number one benefit of hiring garage builders is getting more parking space. You won’t have to worry about running late anymore just because you need to shuffle the cars around in your driveway.
  • Maximize Outdoor Space: Do you have a large, unused backyard? Rather than simply letting it grow weeds and moss, why not transform it into a detached garage?
  • Better Aesthetic: One cool thing about a detached garage is you can modify its doors, windows, roofing, and even sidings. It’s a completely separate establishment from your home so you and your garage builders can get creative when designing it.

So how much does a detached garage cost? Request a sample estimate from Lynn Douglas Construction to find out! You can reach our garage builders at (209) 617-8310.

Garage Builders Prices

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Are you canvassing for garage builders prices? Then you definitely have to check out Lynn Douglas Construction! What sets us a notch above other contractors in the area is our commitment to honesty. We will never sacrifice our integrity just to make a quick buck! Also, our team will provide you with nothing but honest assessments and fair garage builders prices.

If you’re ready to work with us, call (209) 617-8310. First, schedule a free consultation with our team of garage builders. Next, we will assess your home to understand exactly what garage services you need. Afterward, we’ll provide with solutions as well as how much these might cost. Lastly, we’ll wait for your signal before we proceed with the project.

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